Kind of Fonda Henry: A Punk Epiphany (and the Law of the West)
A Punk Epiphany In the dog days of summer 1982, the distinguished American actor, Henry Fonda, died of heart failure at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in LA, CA. I know this hospital well: our family members were born, nursed and died at Cedars. Henry chose an OK place to leave the body behind. On my way to lunch… Continue reading
Napkin Notes As Fred and Marigold entered this exotic vegetarian restaurant, with a party of twenty congregants from a Friday Shabbat service, the chatter of the ambient crowd drowned out the simplest conversation among the group. Putting small talk aside for a few minutes, Temple-goers found their place along… Continue reading
My Secret Life With Lou
Lou Feringo Weight Lifting What should we be without the sexual myth, The human reverie or poem of death? Castratos of moon-mash – Life consists Of propositions about life. – Wallace Stevens, Men Made Out of Words Spooks Halloween night, 1977. Jay, the body-building manager of Main Street's Wildflour Pizza Parlour,… Continue reading
Not Far Away
Jerusalem Let Your Conscience Be Your Guides Truth be told, I&I took a trip this year and got stoned. The trip was to Jerusalem and the country of Israel. The stone was the marrow of antiquity in the living, breathing bedrock of ancient walls, the sanctity of hallowed halls and the shopping suqs of… Continue reading
Not the Tiger A New Age Parable
Golf Swing "What I like about the New Age is how well it prepares us for the Old Age." – Fred Driver (a golfing novice) Zen Flesh Zen Bones Over his years of shopping at New Age bookstores around the world, Fred built quite the collection of religious teachings, martial arts training guides, hip magazines… Continue reading
Read the Latest Story – Follow the Leader
Boy Scout Troop 33 - 1927 Group Shot The Troop Song The Hawk Patrol has standards high
We’re moving forward all the time
This cast of hawks never lets you down
We’re Scouters on the uphill climb
We’re honor bound to service
On brotherhood our aims depend
We’re all of like persuasion joined
That Scouting… Continue reading
The Ballad of Dog Dually
The Ballad of Dog Dually         Black Canyon of the Gunnison From Wiley Timmons ‘Tales of the West’ Gunnison Gorge – An invocation to amuse-meant. Gunnison Gorge, Gunnison Gorge
Where canyons rise and eagles soar
The river drifts, the white waters roar
Past ancient… Continue reading
The Daily Grind
Starbucks Making An Appearance SusieQ woke up Saturday morning feeling ‘pressed’; not depressed, repressed, oppressed or compressed. Just ‘pressed’. After Friday night’s wing-ding party, “Prince is Gone, so let’s Dance, Dance, Dance” she struggled to lift the downy bed coverlet off those sleepy blue eyes her willpower and effort… Continue reading
The Light in Carol's Kitchen
Carol's Kitchen Header Image   A wise son makes a glad father, but a foolish son is the grief of his mother.
- Proverbs 10:1 "August" means "respected" and "impressive." Around Malibu, August means surf and sun, beach parties and barbecues, no school and as August fades into September, late summer morphs into… Continue reading