The Battle for the Headline News

The Battle for the Headline News

Sputnik Sails over Miramar (11-8-57) Freedom Document Foundation – ‘A Bible and the Constitution in every American home’ Put the United States Back Together Again. Elect Richard Nixon It’s Time to Wake Up Americans 

  • Frenzied plea of the Communist Party is dedicated to overthrow the USA And ‘Bury Us’. The People’s World newspaper urges the defeat of Barry Goldwater. What is going on in this country?

RF Kennedy romps in Miramar surf before night of tragedy Reagan Rally Set / 14 Arrested for Weed Possession Home town rally for gubernatorial candidate Local John Birch Members Hold Meeting Democrats with funny hats Negro War Hero Seeks Job in Miramar

GOP Women hold a teen essay contest – Why Be a Republican?

The following principles best describe the cornerstone of Republicanism  

  1. The individual – a spiritual rational being is the most important element of our society. 
  2. Government exists to serve the individual, not the individual to serve the government
  3. The individual’s economic needs are best provided by a healthy system of free enterprise
  4. The United States must be strong and reliant as an individual nation In a world of unstable international relations.