Appliance Time Again
Ray Charles     (with apologies to Buck Owens and Ray Charles) CHORUS It's appliance time again, the fridge is broken
This old icebox it ain't workin' anymore
Yesterday she threw the mayonnaise in the garbage
A pool of water lies beneath the door. The… more
Here On Earth
Here on Earth - performed by 'Sonny Boy' Louis Weil - A reimagining of Russ Barenberg's song about being trapped on this mortal plane, played fingerpicked on a Harmony in the Garden of Rancho Pequeño. Recorded live to Tascam DR40x.
Homeland Security
Stories & Songs Logo - Story Image (tune of Old Time Religion) CHORUS: Give us that homeland security.
Give us that homeland security.
Give us that homeland security,
Or we'll call the cops on you. It'll be good for our sons and daughters.
It'll be good; we'll close our borders.
It'll be good for law… more
John Fahey Tribute - Amazing Grace / Sail Away Ladies
Making Some Noise
Record Stud(io) The Weil Boys lay down some tracks at CCM Studios (Denver, CO.)  
Pequeno Jardin
pequeno jardin blooming blooming times. in many ways.
Plectrology I - Flatpicking Compilation (1996)
Plectrology   PLECTROLOGY 1 - The Complete Booklet of Artists and Songs Tribute to Bo Parker        Song 1
Walsenburg Waltz
Spanish Peaks Invocation Beneath the snowy Spanish Peaks
The Huajatolla (Wahatoya) in native speak,
Our tale begins with Story Creek
The steady flow of words we speak On 80 acres of grassy plains
Bluffs and hills and scrub emerge
We scratch the land, our lives converge
Outside the… more
We Moved the Line (County Line) w/ Apologies to Johnny Cash
We Moved the Line - Apologies To Johnny Cash TKPK Unification in the News ‘County Line’ performed by Just Three Chords to the Takoma Park City Council Meeting (1997) The Band – John /Tim/ Claude (just three chords) – 3 T33 dads – one ASM and one ScoutMaster The lyrics to ‘County Line’ (in the public domain) – by Tim and NC Weil (1997… more
‘Voyager’, ‘Daddy-O’ Performing Songs Thru the Years
Daddy-O’ Performing Songs - Voyager The songs and photographs from Folklore Society of Greater Washington (1990-2010) and performances over the years. Appliance Time Again (2018) Home On the Front Range (1980-2010) Flatpickin’ Carnegie Hall (2002) Channukah, Oh Channukah (2000) County Line (1999) Talkin’ Scoutmaster Blues (… more