The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind

SusieQ woke up Saturday morning feeling ‘pressed’; not depressed, repressed, oppressed or compressed. Just ‘pressed’. After Friday night’s wing-ding party, “Prince is Gone, so let’s Dance, Dance, Dance” she struggled to lift the downy bed coverlet off those sleepy blue eyes her willpower and effort focused on reading the oversized RED-LED clock facedial. 10am already. “Shit, I’m late to work,” she wheezed and reaching to the headboard counter, fumbled for her pink I-Thing call machine to dial in to the daily grind.

“Hello, Queequeg, this is your busy barista,

SusieQ letting you know I’ll be an hour latte. Please tell my Coffee-Mates, Stubb and Flask, to cover for me at Starstrucks. I’ll be there as quick as I can.”\


The struggle ahead to get past blankets, into working attire and off driving in her canary-yellow Fit was definitely an uphill slog. Damn. She had “Purple Rain” on the brain and kept spinning last night’s DJ playlist into her jukebox mind. “When Doves Cry, Let’s Go Crazy, Kiss (me) and let’s do the Bat Dance”. Let’s face it – she always loved the artist formerly known as Alexander Nevermind / James Coco (not cocoa) and she did her best to brush the purple glitter from her hair as she prepped for the work ahead. She laughed as she looked at the Starstrucks company dress code (green apron, slacks and appropriate jewelry) she had taped to the bathroom mirror. With a flick of the wrist, she tossed the ‘uniform of the day’ into the laundry hamper. No green apron for her today, that’s for sure.

With ‘purple passion’ pulsing in her veins, SusieQ went back to her clothes rack and emerged as Prince’s Princess, dazzling in a polka dot pantsuit featuring a speckled black blouse and white pants offset with a dashing neck scarf. Just to get things right, she topped off the getup with a Starstruck hat, adorned with her Prince-ness picture, looking regal and rockin’. ‘Let’s get going’ she mused and motored off to the mall to get it on with the coffee crowd. As she made the scene at the Starstruck shoppe, SusieQ glided in the door just 45 minutes late to her shift. She was singing and toe-tapping her way and the food droid staff smiled and quickly picked up the beat. “Hey Queequeg, let’s get a double machiatto on the rush. Stubb and Flask, harpoon me baby with some Mocoa, White Chocolate Mud”.

“One, two, three, let’s work. C’mon let’s have some fun. We’ll work till the morning comes. Let me see you work”.

Do the daily grind.

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