The Light in Carol's Kitchen - Page 2

The Light in Carol's Kitchen - Page 2

BOOM BOOM BOOM – In the recombinant Jewish subculture of Southern California, our families changed partners several times. I know; I have all the pictures. Dorothy, the stepmother (DtSM) first introduced CtM to BtF. She was a bridesmaid at their wedding where, it is said that actress Jeannette McDonald sang to the newlyweds and well- wishing Weil-wedding attendees. How cool is that?

Matt the Stepfather (MtSF) preceded BtF as editor of the LA High School newspaper (1930s). MtSF was a scion of a famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) producer, who won the Academy Award for the first movie musical, Broadway Melodies (1929). MtSF was off to Dartmouth and the Navy. There is a photo of BtF and CtM, poolside with MtSF and his wife (3 sons) and their pals, Al the Dr. (AtD) and Arlene the friend (AtF). I know, I have all the pictures.

Fresh out of law school, BtF the son-in-law, landed a job in David the Grandfather’s (DtGF) prestigious Beverly Hills law firm. Two sons are born to CtM and BtF - – David the Brother (DtB) and Timothy, the son (TtS). David was born a king and Timothy was named like the Apostle, except there are no Christians in our family tree. 1952 was a Leap Year, so I jumped. When I was nine-months old, a housekeeper to BtF/CtM set me down on a kitchen counter. I jumped (fell) into the vacuum of attention that surrounded our domestic life. We all jumped.

From '54-"58, DtB and TtS lived with CtM after her divorce from BtF. I was 18 months old (with a broken leg) when they split up. After another six years of single- parenting and mental health challenges CtM married MtSF and moved to the beach.

- DtB and TtS in tow. Meanwhile, BtF married Dorothy the StepMother (DtSM).



MtSF something of the Master Builder. We moved into our first beach house in ‘58. Over the next dozen years, TtS lived in seven houses on the same mile of beach. We were always building and moving. Into our family, Matt the half-brother (MtHB), was born and MtSF won custody of his other three sons. From '61 to '64 we were six boys growing up under one roof. Meanwhile, MtSF and CtM envisioned their dream home on the far end of the beach. By ’71 the "Rapf House" was built. It is a gorgeous house, still standing today after 50 years. This showcase home was featured in the LA Times magazine back in August ‘72 - and more recently in the Spring 2023 issue of C Magazine: California Style and Culture - as the beloved home of the founders of Chrome Hearts.

Unfortunately for me (TtS), I was on an Accidental Journey in an era of "Lost Parents (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)," with a Front Row Seat to a Three Ring Circus.