Authored: 03/09/2023
Scenes from Manny Feli Sardina design (International Guild of Knot Tyers)  
Authored: 03/08/2023
Homage to the painter Georges Braque (1892-1963) Rock and Roll Music - Etta James & Chuck Berry (1986)
Authored: 02/20/2023
13part x 4 bight Turk's Head Casa weave from Tom Hall's Turks Head Workbook
Authored: 01/16/2023
Casa Weave Gallery - a progression of technique and contextual ideas. Got My Mojo Stick Working (Muddy Waters) Casa Weave Gallery - Su Casa es Mi Casa Baby Please Don't Go (Muddy and the Stones)
Authored: 12/30/2022
A great way to end the year.
Authored: 12/21/2022
Inspired by IGKT and Tom Hall's Turks Head books Helps to have a few empty  Balvenie Whiskey cannisters (hic).  
Authored: 11/16/2022
Credits to artist Barbara Steinberg for the Spanish Peaks and Trapper's Lake commissioned paintings (2022). see also - From the Mountains to the Sea (with Salvador Dali) From two years of COVID artistic retreat. Onwards.  
Authored: 11/10/2022
Part I of the Oblong Mat Gallery
Authored: 11/08/2022
Des Pawson's Book - Knot Crafts and Rope Weaves Part II of the Oblong Mat Gallery
Authored: 10/14/2022
photo credits - fred and marigold painting credits - barbara steinberg Trappers Lake and Spanish Peaks Gallery The Love I Saw in You (Was Just a Mirage)