Authored: 06/19/2022
For all you D-A-Ds out there ... this tune and tuning are for you
Authored: 04/10/2022
Bufffalo Jones - Home on the Front Range - YouTube Production by Louis Alan Lyrics  HOME ON THE FRONT RANGE (c) Oh give me a home In the disarmament zone Where the Breeder Reactors don't prey Where seldom you see Radio-activity And the Ozone stays intact all day CHORUS ------ Home,…
Authored: 11/14/2021
Born on this day - November 14, 2021 Song for Calvin Jenson  just Chillin'
Authored: 09/29/2021
Here on Earth - performed by 'Sonny Boy' Louis Weil - A reimagining of Russ Barenberg's song about being trapped on this mortal plane, played fingerpicked on a Harmony in the Garden of Rancho Pequeño. Recorded live to Tascam DR40x.
Authored: 09/01/2021
blooming blooming times. in many ways.
Authored: 07/17/2021
The Weil Boys lay down some tracks at CCM Studios (Denver, CO.)  
Authored: 03/11/2021
The songs and photographs from Folklore Society of Greater Washington (1990-2010) and performances over the years. Appliance Time Again (2018) Home On the Front Range (1980-2010) Flatpickin’ Carnegie Hall (2002) Channukah, Oh Channukah (2000) County Line (1999) Talkin’ Scoutmaster Blues (…
Authored: 09/29/2020
TKPK Unification in the News ‘County Line’ performed by Just Three Chords to the Takoma Park City Council Meeting (1997) The Band – John /Tim/ Claude (just three chords) – 3 T33 dads – one ASM and one ScoutMaster The lyrics to ‘County Line’ (in the public domain) – by Tim and NC Weil (1997…
Authored: 03/12/2020
  PLECTROLOGY 1 - The Complete Booklet of Artists and Songs Tribute to Bo Parker        Song 1