Chasing the Bums Out of Town

Chasing the Bums Out of Town

Burglar Steals Shave Whisky and Cigarettes Parsing the local newspaper from '46 thru '69 on the derelicts of the Mirarmar town. Here's the tally - Hobo-2, Beatnik-10, Tramp-25, Hippy-20, Hippies-31, Bums-40. Studio Group Holds ‘Hobo’ Party at Cove

Lifestyles and Culture Wars

Psychedelic Cult Colony Opens in the Miramar Mountain Canyon

  • Founders envision a community devoted to creative efforts and exchange of Ideas. A combination of Summerhill and Synanon. Direct personal Confrontation and self-actualized freedom are blended

Psychedelic Cult Colony Closes in the Canyons

  • The Strawberry Patch, a 40 acre tract leased by a small group of persons identified with the hippy Movement. 65 persons living in tents and frame structures

Beatniks Not Seen in Poland Reports Local Veterinarian - (president of the Optimists Club) Woman Slugged by Hippie Type Hippy Philosophy in 5 short words

  • ‘Some one had to plant and water that flower’ ‘Oh. I thought they just grew’

Beach Cave Shelters Hippies Drug-crazed youth goes berserk in Sherriff’s Station Like Way Out – Is the American Beatnik an Imitation Negro? Pink Lady in the Nudes (1966).

  • Pink Lady in the News (Nudes). – Little Men from Venus Take Credit for Nude Lady Painting Gray paint washes over Miramar Canyon painting.

Looking in on a “Happening ”; It’s Wild, Weird, But What is It”?

  • Not wanting to look like squares, but not having the rags to looks like hippies we wore blue jeans and sweat shirts and jazzed it up with big pendants hanging around our necks. I wanted to wear my granny glasses but no one would go if I did

Marijuana Round-Up Nets 15 Musicians, Hangers on in Pot-anga

  • Buffalo Springfield and Cream Five young musicians busted 10 women detained (16-31 occupations as singer, model, student, entertainer, Sculptress, photographer, housewife and public relations girl)

The Fierce Infinity, New Book of Poems, published by Miramar author