Fire on the Mountain - the second arena

Fire on the Mountain - the second arena

Now ladies and gentlemen, let’s turn our attention to ringmaster Wiley Timmons here in the center stage where you’ve never seen the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns while they all do tricks for you. Watch as we take you down, down, down through the burning rings of fire as the story of Mira-mar is quickly retold through the history of fire on the mountain. Over the past 100 years 30 fires have burned thru the hills, homes and wild life of this beautiful coastal and mountain terrain. At one time or another, almost 90% the land been has been scorched to the ground. Over many years, the fires in these hills have seared thru the Miramar three-ring circus lives of Wiley, his friends, and family.

  • 1928 – Las Flores fire (428 acres)  
  • 1930 – Portrero fire (20,000 acres)    
  • 1935 – Miramar fire (30,000 acres) 
  • 1938 -- Pot-anga fire (30,000 acres) 
  • 1956 - Sherwood / Zuma (56,000 acres)
  • 1970 – Wright Fire (28,000 acres

There’s smoke on the water, fire in the sky as Wiley drives away to college with a boy’s bindlestiff of books, bags and guitar gazing at a young life gone by thru the haze of a rear-view mirror

  • 1978 – Kanan fire (25,000 acres)
  • 1982 – Dayton fire (43,000 acres) 
  • 1993 – Green Meadows (38,000 acres)  
  • 1993 – Pot-anga fire (36,000 acres)

The house of Wiley’s brother is toast. 

The fire ignited, in November burned 96,949 acres destroying 1,643 structures, killing three people, and prompting the evacuation of more than 295,000 residents. ¾ of the mountain sanctuary acres were gone.