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They covered the election, photography ('who really has the eyes'), retirement and a bit of Torah on the side. As meals arrived, conversations continued through delightful bites of nouveau veggie cuisine.

"Now about those latkes," Mike pressed on. "Would Marigold be willing to volunteer for the cook-off? It's not such a big deal. You just prepare 150 silver dollar-size servings, freeze them at home and bring them to the social in two weeks for the contest."

As she weighed her options, Marigold hemmed and hawed. On the one hand, she loved to cook. On the other hand, Fred was the Jewish side of the dyad and she was not always comfortable as the outsider in the synagogues they belonged to.

"Let me think it over," she said and soon, the evening meal passed on to the main event – Chocolate Mousse Cake with Black Raspberry Cabernet sauce. Yum. By the time dessert had finished Fred could see her resistance wearing down. He thought, 'We have a new volunteer cook for the holiday social.' With that, the meet, greet and eat dinner ended and a good time was had by all. Recipe - Latkes by Tim Weil - Stories and Songs

As Marigold and Fred drove home, he reminded her of his mother's latke recipe, hidden somewhere on the cookbook shelf. Back in the kitchen, he found what they'd been looking for – the potato latke recipe on the back of the grease-stained, blue envelope of a company called FeathAire Aviation in North Glenn, Colorado. The latke ingredients were paired with a pot roast recipe (natch) passed downed in Fred's family, hand-written and preserved in time. More to the point, this envelope dated back 30 years, to when the dyad were married and their friends, Gary and Rhonda gave Fred a free trial lesson on an UltraLite aircraft at Erie Airport. Marigold and Fred had been together for only eighteen months at the time and Fred remembered saying goodbye to her and their small son, as he went barnstorming across Colorado corn fields in search of death-defying, cheap thrills. It was great: finding that envelope preserved, the latke recipe intact, having mingled with the Shabbatons, and staying hitched to the girl he loved. Feathaire Aviation - Latkes by Tim Weil - Stories and Songs

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