The Ballad of Dog Dually

The Ballad of Dog Dually


Black Canyon of the Gunnison

From Wiley Timmons ‘Tales of the West’

Gunnison Gorge – An invocation to amuse-meant.

Gunnison Gorge, Gunnison Gorge
Where canyons rise and eagles soar
The river drifts, the white waters roar
Past ancient cliffs of Gunnison Gorge
Gunnison Gorge, Gunnison Gorge
Rafting waters, outfitters tour
Fly fishing the Gunny without any lures
Ancient river where Time endures.

1st Riddle -  What’s the difference between a banjo and a harmonica?

Eb – D Harp Walking Scale


Wiley on the River



On the Trail of the Tale

An ancient canyon, running river, wilderness adventure is a channel for music. Folkloric music.  Ringing thru the air, Walking Down the Line, Fishing Blues and Tom Dooley piping thru the wind organs of the wild.  Piping thru the wind organs of the wild. From the trailhead the Chukar Trail[1] begins descending right from the  start. There are very few level spots the entire distance. The overall elevation change is 1000 feet and distance is a trekking mile.  Switchbacks are built in to make the steep grade more manageable.  The trail eventually enters the wash  where it passes through the cliffs and down to the river.  Wiley the pack mule lugs in 45 lbs in of gear in a dry bag slung with backpack shoulder straps.  [1]

With no more than a blister to show (at first) he hears these refrains –Arlo Guthrie at Woodstock in ’69 singing Bob Dylan’s  Walking Down the Line to 400,000 freaks.  In typical Arlo fashion, he hesitates a bit.  As did Wiley at the bottom of the trail  -