The Ballad of Dog Dually

                                         The Ballad of Dog Dually



Tom Dooley – Doc Watson and David Holt

“Bite Me, I need the money”

Hang down your head Dog Dually
Hang down your head and bite
Hang down your head Dog Dually
You’re heading for a fight.

Walking to our campground
Thru Pleasure Trailer Park
I didn’t hear you coming
I didn’t hear you bark.

You saw my blue jeans passing
A glint was in your eye
Your teeth started flashing
They landed in my thigh.

‘Son of a bitch,’ I hollered
This gal came running up
‘Dually didn’t mean to hurt you.
He’s just a sweet little pup’.

‘Let me see his papers
And his rabies tags
If my skin is broken
I’ll sue your sorry ass’.


‘I’m really very sorry.
Here’s a hundred bucks
If it gets infected
You can call me up’.

There are morals to this story
There are lessons to this song
Don’t mess with a Rotweiller
If you want to live real long.

They’ll jump and attack you
Without giving you a hunch
They’ll take some skin in passing
And fang you very munch.

Bite me I need the money
That’s my rally cry.
It’s a tough way to earn a living
Be careful not to die.


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